Local developer Geyser Group won final approval for rezoning necessary to develop proposed mixed-use project on East 12th Street Thursday, when the Austin City Council voted to change the site's land use designation from commercial to vertical mixed use.

The rezoning will allow taller and denser building on the lots at 3117 and 3121 East 12th Street, currently home to a vacant one-story building and a parking lot. Geyser says VMU zoning will allow it to build an 80- to 100-unit multifamily development with ground-floor retail on the sites, which total about one acre, although it has not presented any public plans to do so. The rezoning included an increase in allowable height limit for the site, from 40 feet to 60 feet.

The designation would also make a VMU density bonus available, which would require some affordable units. Geyser says that about 10 percent of its residences will be priced for people making at 60 percent of the area median family income.