The landscape around Springdale Road and Airport Boulevard continues to transform rapidly, at least in theory, with rezoning for two projects that would increase density and bring more housing ot the area recently recommended by the city's Planning Commision.

Long home to a mix of single-family homes, warehouses, and industrial sites—including the city's infamous former "tank farm"—the area has over the past few decades has seen predictable waves of transformation, from artists and other bohemian types seeking low rent and transforming many of its warehouse spaces to new multifamily buldings and arts-oriented commercial spaces such as Springdale General and Canopy.

The commision last week endorsed rezoning for a tract of land for a development called Springdale Green, which will not include residences due to its location on the former tank-farm site. At the same meeting, it recommended vertical-mixed use zoning for the (almost) triangular tract at 3707 Goodwin Avenue, just across Springdale Road from the proposed Springdale Green site.

While a trucking terminal currently occupies the site, it could be developed for multifamily residential use under current zoning. However, as a letter in support of the proposed rezoning from the Springdale Airport Neighborhood Association points out, VMU zoning allows more density, which in turn kicks in an affordable housing requirement, while keeping building height at its current 60-foot limit. 

The proposed project consists of a new building with 17 condos and associated site improvements such as parking, sidewalks, detention and water quality ponds, and utilities. Ten percent of the units will be reserved for residents who earn up to 80 percent of Austin's median family income; $350,000 of development costs will go to required park dedication fees for Govalle Neighborhood Park, in addition to another $10,000 park donation requested by the neighborhood association.