Following input from other city commissions and boards, Austin's Planning Commission weighed in on proposals for a new Dougherty Arts Center at its March 9 meeting. 

There were four plans under consideration for the new community arts theater and arts facility building, which is currently located at 1110 Barton Springs Road (though closed due to pandemic-related precautions). 

With a few notes of dissent, the Planning Commission voiced its preference for the design labeled "1B" (pictured above) by the city's Parks and Recreation Department, under whose purview the Dougherty Center falls.

In February, proposed plans for the project went before the city's Design Commission, which chose two of the four. PARD presented the plans after summarizing stakeholder engagement sessions held in the latter part of 2020, supporting Option 1B because of its compact design, its connection to the Butler Hike-and-Bike Trail, and its avoidance of heritage trees. watermark

Austin's Environmental Commission has also weighed in, recommending plan 1A, primarily because the buildings in it are closer together and farther from the trail than in the other plans.

Proposed new Dougherty Arts Center plan 1ACity of Austin/Parks and Recreation

The Austin City Council is up next to discuss the proposals, probably at an April meeting. Construction on the project is slated to start in fall 2022.