After a successful 2020 return and relocation, Creek Show is back in business and more ambitious than ever. The annual event, which originally featured light installations on and in Waller Creek, started in 2013 as a way for Waterloo Greenway Conservancy to highlight its vision for restoring the creek and creating the Waterloo Greenway park system. 

Every year, Waterloo Greenway enlists a committee of local artists, community leaders, and Creek Show enthusiasts to select installations from candidate submissions. The selection committee chose the nine installations and artist teams for the 2022 show. 

This year, the event is back on Waller Creek, where it began. As in early years, visitors enter the show on Ninth Street and walk creekside to Waterloo Park, experiencing the light installations as they pass under bridges, mud puddles, and grafittied walls. In contrast to last year's large, open-air installations, the art is once again smaller-scaled and integrated into a less manicured environment, resulting in an experience that feels more approachable and urban than the 2021 show, which flirted with spectacle somewhat at remove from the viewer.

The 2022 Creek Show runs Nov. 11-20 and offers nightly live music, food and beverages, and family-friendly activities along with the art show and educational displays.