I think I speak for most real estate professionals when I say that I am in awe of the inaccurate information shared by "real estate gurus" on social media. If I had a dollar for every social media post I've seen about how you can "arbitrage properties on Airbnb" or "buy a house with 5% down every year until you no longer need to work", I could probably afford to buy all those influencers' properties at their inevitable foreclosure auctions in all cash.

Personally, I have wanted a place that brings together real, local real estate news and facilitates discussion (and criticism) of current trends in the industry. Urbanize Dallas is that place.

First, one clarification: Urbanize Dallas is somewhat of a misnomer. The publication covers the entire DFW metroplex. However, the oracles of SEO have informed us that Dallas is a more optimized name than DFW, so here we are.

Urbanize Dallas seeks to provide timely news about all things real estate in the metroplex. From macro-level capital markets trends to a new developments breaking ground and everything in between, Urbanize Dallas provides coverage (and a healthy bit of editorial commentary).

Urbanize Dallas articles are designed to be accessible and useful for everyone from a hobbyist to a seasoned professional. This accessibility is realized through the emphasis on contextualizing the why and how behind the what (excuse the buzzwords, but it's difficult not to use them when talking in such general terms).

Beyond reporting, Urbanize Dallas serves as a forum for our readers to engage by discussing (and perhaps critiquing) all things real estate in the metroplex. This can come in the form of public polling or just in the comment sections of articles. Additionally, the Know Your Tools series will assist professionals in leveraging the analysis resources around them to facilitate informed decisions.

Urbanize launched in 2015 with Urbanize LA. It was born out of a passion to explore the intersection of commercial real estate and urban planning. Since then, Urbanize has expanded to cover a number of other cities, including our neighbor to the south, Austin. As the Urbanize network has expanded, the focus on providing local, professional news for local professionals has not been lost.

The DFW Metroplex, like all metro areas, is unique, so it is not possible to have any sort of "cookie-cutter" style across the board for the different Urbanize publications. We look forward to growing the platform and optimizing the content. As such, my inbox is open for suggestions and feedback.

Sean Mooney, Editor, Urbanize Dallas