Voters in the 2023 Travis County election gave an enthusiastic thumbs-up to the largest bond package in the county's history, passing propositions to fund road projects and parks by overwhelming margins.

Almost 76 percent voted in favor of Proposition A, to issue $233 million in road bonds for safety projects, acquiring land for right of way, road drainage, bike lanes, sidewalks, shared use paths, and replacement and improvement of roads, bridges, and culverts.

About 77 percent supported Proposition B, to issue $276 million for projects to improve county parks, including the acquisition of land for new parks and conservation easements, and the construction of new recreational facilities.

The anticipated property tax bill impact resulting from the passage of the bond propositions is $12 per year (about $1 per month) to $57 per year ($5 per month), depending taxable property value.

This bond package is the largest in Travis County’s history and its first bond election since 2017.