As Austin thawed from the Great Texas Freezeout (working title), many homeowners across the area found that their plumbing had borne the brunt of the damage wrought by Winter Storm Uri (actual name). Standard weatherization and freeze precautions such as insulating pipes, covering outdoor plumbing, and running water from interior faucets did little to prevent that damage in many homes as temperatures remained under freezing for a record-breaking six days.

Homeowners who are income-qualified for a longstanding city repair program might get a break on fixing all that (usually expensive) damage. The city of Austin announced Sunday that Austin Water will transfer $1 million to the housing and planning department's existing home-repair program, all to go to help those who qualify with plumbing repairs.

Qualification for assistance from the program will be income-based. "The Housing and Planning Department’s priority will be to mobilize resources to address the needs of our low- to moderate-income homeowners seeking much-needed resources following the storm," said Rosie Truelove, director of the housing and planning department. Truelove also acknowledged the continued work of "Austin Home Repair Coalition and the nonprofits that address the home repair needs of Austin’s low-income families"—other possible sources of homeowner assistance for repairing storm damage.

Homeowners can find news about getting financial help with plumbing damaged due to the storm as well as general information about all of the city's home-repair programs on the department's website.