The median home price in the Austin-Round Rock metro continues to dive, according to the Austin Board of Realtors' Central Texas Housing report, dropping 9.6 percent since June 2022 to $483,00. Residential home sales across the area fell to 3,147 transactions, an 8.5 percent decline year-over-year from 2022. Sales dollar volume fell 15.6 percent to $1,921,766,942 ,and new listings declined 23.6 percent to 4,638 listings.

Pending sales, however, rose by 19 percent year-over-year. Inventory also skyrocketed, with a 38.4 percent jump in active listings. The month's 9,631 active listings represented 3.7 months of inventory, up 1.6 months from last June. Homes spent an average of 61 days on the market, 43 more days than June 2022.

City of Austin June home sales dropped 10.6 percent year over year to 939 sales. At the same time, sales dollar volume decreased 11.3% to $709,176,366, while the median price dropped 3.6% to $588,193. During the same period, new listings fell 18.3% to 1,567 listings; active listings increased 49.2% to 2,872 active listings; and pending sales ticked up 11.9% to 923 sales. Housing inventory increased 2.1 months of inventory to 3.9 months of inventory.

Here's how the other areas in the metro fared, according to the report:

Travis County

In June 2023, home sales decreased 6.7% year over year to 1,482 sales, while sales dollar volume dropped 13.1% to $1,076,495,140. During the same period, the median price fell 9.8% to $550,000. New listings dropped 19.8% to 2,381 listings; active listings increased 44.8% to 4,724 listings; while pending sales jumped 15.7% to 1,461 sales. Housing inventory rose 2.0 months to 4.0 months of inventory.

Williamson County

This June, home sales decreased 10.3% year over year to 1,075 sales. During the same period, sales dollar volume dropped 18.1% to $556,092,718, and the median price also fell 10.9% to $449,945. New listings decreased 33.6% to 1,369 listings, while active listings increased 17.5% to 2,689 listings. Pending sales also rose 15.6% to 1,006 pending sales. Housing inventory increased 1.0 months to 3.0 months of inventory.

Hays County

In June 2023, home sales decreased 8.9% year over year to 418 home sales, as sales dollar volume also decreased 17.3% to $220,701,935. During the same period, the median price dipped 4.7% to $430,160. New listings decreased 7.9% to 629 listings; active listings soared 60.8% to 1,536 listings; and pending sales rose 34.5% to 437 pending sales. Inventory increased 1.7 months to 4.2 months of inventory.

Bastrop County

In June 2023, home sales decreased 23.9% year over year to 124 home sales, and sales dollar volume dropped 35.8% to $51,605,661. At the same time, the median price fell 15.0% to $352,760. New listings dropped 26.9% to 198 listings; active listings increased 43.9% to 544 active listings, while pending sales also increased 45.3% to 154 pending sales. Inventory jumped 1.7 months to 4.6 months of inventory.

Caldwell County

In June 2023, home sales increased 50.0% year over year to 48 home sales, and sales dollar volume increased 39.3% to $16,250,960. During the same period, the median price fell 15.6% to $276,000. New listings dropped 23.8% to 61 listings; active listings increased 81.6% to 138 listings. Pending sales rose 8.3% to 52 pending sales. Housing inventory jumped 1.2 months to 3.3 months of inventory.