A 20-acre luxury resort with environmental responsibility goals and creative aspirations is underway in a booming area of Bastrop County just east of Austin.

Developers say they're hoping to evoke the "paradisiacal landscapes of Bali or Tulum" with the Heavens, the wellness-centered resort they're building at 142 Northside Lane in Cedar Creek. In the process, they also aim "to break the mold of traditional hospitality and retreats by curating a culture of I want fucking more," according to the Heavens website.

Work on the limestone pool begins.The Heavens

The Heavens will have rainwater catchment systems and a limestone-lined natural pool.The Heavens

The Heavens will have eco-conscious features including domed villas made of aircrete — a lightweight, fire- and rot-proof type of concrete that strengthens with age — solar panels, and rainwater catchment systems. In addition, according to promotional materials:

Trees cleared for the villas are repurposed into doors, beds, kitchenettes and more. An organic garden will grow produce for the resort’s farm-to-table restaurant located in a renovated ranch house.
One of the resort’s most memorable features is its 200k-gallon, natural water, beach-entry pool, built with locally sourced limestone, paired with a striking 12-foot waterfall. Guests will enjoy 12 poolside cabanas and a cocktail bar. Developers installed a regenerative pool filtration system powered by aquatic plants and algae. 

Gardens at the Heavens retreat in Cedar CreekThe Heavens

Tree of Life: stained glass window at the Heavens resortThe Heavens

Phase one of the project has started with the building of 12 villas, each named after an astral constellation, with handcrafted stained-glass windows, bottle artwork on the ceiling, and reclaimed-cedar furniture. The Heavens' architectural style will be a typically Texan blend, including Spanish Colonial and Gothic, Tejano, and ranchero references. The villas will be able to accommodate a total of 50 guests.

Resort styles reference Spanish Gothic architecture.The Heavens

The Bastrop County resort will have locally made artwork.The Heavens

For phase two, founders Roland Barrera, Dan Mages, and Peter Haynes plan a hotel  with a 200-person capacity and special-event facilities on the property frontage. They're working on an agreement with Houston-based Valencia Hotel Group to provide property management and have tentatively schedule an opening in 2025. 

Stained glass pieces and bottle art are among the resort's creative touches.The Heavens

While the Heavens is "envisioned as an incubator for east Austin’s next generation of thinkers, creatives, spiritual beings, and health & wellness fanatics," its press materials also note that it well-situated for a variety of monied travelers — "eight miles from Circuit of the Americas, 10 miles from Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, and well-situated to capture the fast-growing corporate and leisure travel markets in and around Austin."

The Heavens developers have raised more than $1 million from friends and family and is seeking to raise an additional $2.9 million from other investors.